A few years ago I was seated next to a businessman on a flight to Seattle. We struck up a conversation and he asked me what I do for a living. I told him that I’m involved in Christian
leadership training and that I write and teach on mentoring. He, in turn, told me that he is in a management role in one of the major airplane manufacturing corporations in America. Then
he shared an amazing concept. He told me that his corporation had recently come to the realization that they had lost an entire generation’s worth of brain trust in their company. They had neglected to mentor younger workers to understand the strategic plan and vision for the company.

When the leadership realized the near-catastrophic mistake, they immediately decided that no one in management would advance in the company until they were actively engaged in mentoring the next generation.

Sometimes corporations use biblical truths to run their businesses, while we in the church continue to live by our misguided religious traditions. But this is changing. God is restoring the
biblical truth of spiritual mothering and fathering to His people, and in some places He is using the corporate world to do it.

The Lord wants to use mature, knowledgeable believers—whatever their areas of expertise—to grow you into a thriving follower of Jesus, and He wants to use your passion and knowhow
to parent the next generation.