When our youngest daughter, Leticia, was in her senior year of high school, her school offered a program that allowed students to explore career possibilities by accompanying someone as he or she went through a normal day in the workplace. As the students followed the nurses, journalists, bankers, scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative professionals who served as their mentors, they got a professional’s-eye look at that job and its workplace environment. Although the students were provided with information about various career paths, resources and programs, the school had found that shadowing—exposing students to different professions through up-close and personal contact—was the most valuable way to jump-start students’ thinking about the limitless possibilities for their futures.

Similarly, by shadowing a spiritual mother or father in her or his daily life, a spiritual daughter or son learns the basics of spiritual parenting naturally, quickly and easily. Up-close and personal contact is the start of a powerful legacy—and the possibilities are limitless.

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