Multiply yourself: Each one teach one

The unique teaching methods of Dr. Frank Laubach can give us a glimpse of just how greatly they can be multiplied: Dr. Frank Laubach’s epitaph ascribes to him the following title: “The man who taught the world to read.”

Dr. Laubach popularized the phrase “each one teach one.” Via his simple four-word strategy of teaching one person to read under the condition that each would teach another to read, several million people have now experienced the thrill and freedom of reading for the first time.

The chain continues to this day, long after his death. Today the Laubach method has more than eighty thousand volunteers worldwide. Pause for sixty seconds and try to imagine the implications of this: You mentor 12, who mentor 12, equaling 144! who mentor 12, equaling 1,728! who mentor 12, equaling 20,736! who mentor 12, equaling 248,832! who mentor 12, equaling 2,985,984!

Apply this concept to spiritual parenting and it’s obvious that the multiplication potential of spiritual parenting is phenomenal! Read my new book, “The Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers”. Learn how the explosive result demonstrated by Laubach is the natural multiplication that happens when each successive generation takes up the mantle of spiritual parenting.

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