A Texan, a Bible and a surprise ending

After ministering at a church in Dallas, Texas, a young man holding a Bible ran up to me and wanted to tell his story: My folks are not Christians, but recently I opened up this Bible I found lying on the coffee table. After reading in it, I realized I needed Jesus. I gave my life to Christ and then drove around with my Bible in hand looking for a church family. I found a church building near where I live and walked in.

The first person to greet me was a young lady, and after telling her my story, she called her father over and said, “Tell my dad what you told me.”

The dad listened to my testimony with interest and examined the Bible I held in my hands. “Fifteen years ago,” he said, “I witnessed to a man I served with in the military. He declined to receive the Lord but agreed to take the Bible you are holding. The man I witnessed to was your father!”

The young Texan went on to tell me the rest of the story. He was now engaged to marry the young lady he met at the church building, and they were both excited about serving as small-group leaders. The spiritual lineage begun by her father would continue.

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